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Who we areLucchini Mamé Forge

Lucchini Mamé Forge is able to deliver a vast range of special forgings in terms of quality, design, weight and destination of use. Furthermore, thanks to the Lucchini RS Group, it can depend on a steelworks dedicated to the production of ingots with the desired measurements and specifications.

Lucchini Mamé Forge aims to extend, integrate and improve the quality of its work, availing of the experience and synergies resulting from the two production plants. It stands out for its excellent, technologically advanced, forged steel products up to 35 tons in weight that suitable for the highly technological sectors of both Italian and international markets.

Competitive advantages:

  • Verticalised process for ultra high quality forgings;
  • Process integration and synergies;
  • Research and Development and customisation of services to expand and develop the range of products and/or processes.


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